The We Are America Alliance was formed 2006 to advance immigration policy that respects the rights and fundamental dignity of all who call America home. The mission of the Alliance is to create a unique space for collaboration between national, state, and local groups that work on immigration rights and civic engagement in various ethnic communities. The groups coordinate, collaborate, and gain technical assistance and economies of scale (much larger than any group individually) to build political power in their regions.
We Are America Alliance
home-census The 2010 Census was an opportunity for the We Are America Alliance to push a common message about counting immigrants, Latinos and Asian Americans. Accurate counts of WAAA constituencies are important for the distribution of government resources at the local and federal level, and redistricting for the next decade. The Alliance leveraged its national position to elevate and support the work of partners and to raise awareness about the importance of the 2010 Census.
home-citizenship Our partners’ field efforts focus on helping eligible residents get into the citizenship pipeline. This is done in collaboration with the Spanish-language media campaign "Ya es hora Ciudadania" which is coordinated nationally by media entities and WAAA partners. Local groups host citizenship workshops and exam preparation classes in order to expand the reach of the campaign and assist eligible permanent residents with the naturalization process.
home-voting The Alliance is working to expand on our 2008 success of engaging immigrant, Latino and Asian American voters in 2010 by targeting places where the majority of these constituencies reside and those places where these communities have great stakes in policy decisions that will effect them. Through traditional voter registration, voter contact, and get out the vote programs, we will ensure that these communities turn out in significant numbers.